jm3 ppa for ubuntu

A “standard” debian package: jme3-sdk-alpha_0.6.1_all.deb

Please check the uninstaller as well.

Great! Awesome! goes fine in 10.10!!!

Normen you are the master!!

Ok cool, remove it again, the “real” version will be called jme3-sdk again. I am just uploading it, including a small fix for the icon.

Normen can you export a “debian package” or similar? (not .deb) because in Launchpad PPA’s we need to upload with “dput” this archives:

.dsc, .changes, .diff.gz or .debian.tar.gz. not upload a deb. Have you a option to export this?

I hope that the repository of ubuntu doesn’t work this way and we can upload the deb but I don’t think because in works same launchpad

I dont want to have it as a “ppa” or in the “launchpad”. Its for the ubuntu release. You can update jMP via its own update menu.

Edit: Sorry, misunderstood you. I guess its some kind of tool I could use to compare two debs and make these change files? Dunno…