Jme 1.0, 2.0 speed, now what about "jME3"?

are there any differences in speed (i think about the fps) between jme 1.0 and 2.0?  :?

that depends on what you are doing. 2.0 has a few performance optimizations that 1.0 doesnt have. As an example, the WaterRenderPass was optimized in 2.0 and i dont think that the optimization made it into 1.0.

All in all i think its save to say that 2.0 should be equally fast or faster than 1.0.

ok, now what about "jME3"? apart from all the new all-cool-much-better-organised-new-stuff in there , has there been any focus on this? i think about going with jME3 sometime soon, so i'm just curious.

i don't think you can compare jme2 to jme3 really.

jme3 is all about shaders, so if your gfx card supports it, it should perform very well.

well, that's the thing, for example my videocard doesn't support glsl at all, so is there a way to set shaders off and preffer per-vertex lighting instead of per-pixel? and other options like that…

jME3 is definitely more efficient than jME1 and jME2. On the GPU side, the renderer uses the latest extensions and APIs available to improve rendering speed. On the CPU side, the engine code is profiled to make sure there are no performance bottlenecks. A significant difference between older jME versions and jME3 is the use of resource management. jME3 has two resource managers, one is the GLObjectManager, which deletes textures, vertex buffers, shaders, etc from the GPU when they are not used anymore by user code. The second is the ContentManager, a powerful system that can locate and load a resource by type, it supports multi-threaded loading, and a pluggable architecture.

jME3 does support fixed-pipeline rendering, but only through the JOGL renderer.

thanks, that was just what i needed to hear :smiley:

Momoko_Fan said:

jME3 does support fixed-pipeline rendering, but only through the JOGL renderer.

why :?



I like seeing jme3 moving towards more modern hardware, sure its cool to see compatibilaty with pre-shader hardware but I think that any modern project should set the bar at 6-series geforce and up, that way we dont waste our energy and visual quality on hardware that shouldnt even be around anymore.