jME 1.0 release candidate 1

jME 1.0rc1 is now officially released.  Here is a collection of various details of the changes and differences between 0.11 and 1.0rc1: (mostly a digest of details from other posts.)

New additions and changes:

  1. All logging calls are now handled by jul.
  2. The common xml classes are now split out to a jmex.xml package.
  3. Multitexturing and other GL13+ features have been changed to use their ARB equivalents in an effort to be more compatible with older drivers.
  4. GLSL shaders have been revamped to use less memory and work better with uniforms and attributes.
  5. Texture.anisoLevel - is now a percent (0.0f -> 1.0f) representing a range from no aniso filtering up to the max aniso level supported by the user's card.  Additionally, you can now change aniso level after creating your texture if you so choose.
  6. Texture parameters now use the various unit caps (fixed, fragment texs, fragment coords, etc.) to determine which texture calls are allowed to be called on a given card.
  7. TextureKeys do not hold filter settings anymore.  Filter settings can be changed at any time now, so they are no longer unique texture identifiers.
  8. com.jme.util.resource - A new set of util classes for making resource locating easier has been added to jme core.
  9. All previous ways of specifying a texture directory to a model loader are now replaced with the use of ResourceLocatorTool.
  10. Now using lwjgl 1.1.2.
  11. More complete javadoc.  (yes, I know there's still a lot more to be done here.)
  12. Lots of bugs fixes.

    Removed API sections:

  13. com.jmex.sound.*  -  This section has long been abandoned by its original author and was replaced in the last release with  Because only uses OpenAL (for now), the fmod libs have also been removed from jme/lib.  You will probably need to update your build path and remove the fmod jar listing to make your IDE happy.  StandardGame has also been ported to using  For information on porting to, see tests and tests like HelloIntersection and AppletTestSounds which have been ported to use
  14. com.jmex.model.XMLParser.* - The model converters are now in jmex.model.converters, everything else like JmeBinaryReader/Writer and the XMLToBinary, etc. have been dropped.  (Use BinaryExporter/Importer instead.)
  15. TextureKey.LocationOverride - This interface is gone - replaced with the ResourceLocator and ResourceLocatorTool.  See above for more details.
  16. com.jme.util.LoggingSystem and com.jme.util.ErrorManager - (replaced with pure jul usage)
  17. cvs cleaned: removed most files under jme/data, compressed and cleaned jmetest/data - CVS syncing and checkouts should now be faster.

Awesome! Just in time to start my next project. :smiley:

Being a release candidate, we really need your help(the community) to find bugs and things that needs to be squashed for a final 1.0 release!

Run as many jME tests as you can as well as upgrade your game(s) to use this version and let us know how it works…

Also, making the wiki(faq, tutorials etc) shine is something you are all great at, so get in there and help us make jME rock even more  :wink:

there hasn't been such cvs activity in years. keep it coming :wink:

Great work, my sincerest thanks to all you diligent monkeys!  8)


yeahhhh  :smiley:

we don't need that stinking fmod anyway…  :smiley:

nice, but we need a native jme-exporter for the good old blender program.  :evil:

xml-exporter good bye  ://

yeah, it would be nice to have a minimal set of functional conversion tools when 1.0 is out. is there any kind of plan when the release comes or is it just "as soon as possible". i ask just because there may still be bugs to find and things to fix.

edit: for example should i bother to make Text work in non-ortho? or isn't that so important because of the other various workarounds/text-techniques?

Okay. After a few problems with the sound->audio conversion (it still doesn't work, but at least it doesn't crash anymore), I have another question…

Where did MaxToJme.TEXURL_PROPERTY go to?

TEXURL_PROPERTY got replaced by com.jme.util.resource stuff

irrisor said:

TEXURL_PROPERTY got replaced by com.jme.util.resource stuff
Okay, thank you. Interesting stuff. Took me some time to get it working though, docs would be useful. :) But then, docs are always useful.

I spent a lot of time on figuring out that a URL representing a directory should end with a '/'...

Another long awaited feature we have added(at least for those doing production quality games that need to work on lots of comps) is that the render to texture with FBO's now fallbacks to PBuffer when needed  :wink:

(And don't forget to try TestNormalmap)

@sfera: I would be very interested in Text working in non-ortho, since I use a a non-ortho parallel projection render pass for my HUD to allow for hud elements with some thickness in the z axis (like cylindrical dials that spin around the x axis, etc.). At the moment I have to use ortho for the text written on non-ortho indicators, which is odd :slight_smile:

then i might look into that. but i think it requires some small changes to the renderer and i'm not sure that they are so welcome just before the realease :slight_smile:

The jmex packages can handle text in non-ortho mode, no?

only Text3D can be non-ortho (doh!). Text2D just uses Text which doesn't support "non-ortho" :slight_smile:

Ok.  I'd imagine our Text class will be replaced in 2.0 anyhow.  Since we're in bug fix mode for 1.0 release, maybe a workaround would suffice.  I personally use ortho UI textlabels with world->screen translation and scaling to do this trick.  I could probably whip up an example to illustrate if interested.

then i suppose the workaround is the best solution.

and stop talking about 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

MrCoder said:

Another long awaited feature we have added(at least for those doing production quality games that need to work on lots of comps) is that the render to texture with FBO's now fallbacks to PBuffer when needed  ;)
(And don't forget to try TestNormalmap)

:-o Eye-popping, visually exquisite... Oblivion quality right there! }:-@

i ported my game to new release, and it works great. especially the new audio system, which is perfect.