jME 2.0 Nightly Build System

So as discussed previously, we’ve set up a nightly build on the new server.  Right now we’re only building jME2, but 3.0 will be available eventually as well.  Any opinions on how long to keep the old builds?  It’s scheduled to run at 4AM EST, which seems to be a time when a relatively small amount of commits happens (as well as being close in time to the backup of the site+databases)

Also see the upcoming stable release.

Cross-linked threads, booya! So one last time, big kudos to you Skye for getting on top of this stuff and getting it done. This is a great milestone for us as the serious monkeys we aspire to be.

jmephysics should probably also be set up in hudson, to detect incompatibilities between jme2 and jmephysics early.

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