jME 2.0 SVN in Netbeans 6.1 how-to?

Hi there,

first at all, great work! I like what I read about jME very much.

So I decided to get some and checked out the SVN repository on google with Netbeans 6.1.

After downloading all the files in the repository into a local folder, netbeans asks me to create a project out of the repository… Yes… I only can choose "Java Project with existing resources"… Next… Next… Done… Gives me nothing but an empty Project with my JDK as Library, that's it.

Is there anything I've missed? What to regard? Is there a detailed paper on how to build this with SVN and Netbeans?

Thanks in advance! Best regards, hasta

Skip the "create project" part and just create a new "Free Form Project" later (used to be more appropriately named "Project with existing Ant script" before).

You can then set the source folders for code completion etc. manually in the generated project.

Runs fine, thank you!  :wink: