JME 3.1 InstancedNode / AssetLinkNode design question

I am in the middle of implementing an InstancedNode framework in the scene of my space game for meteors / ships, etc and then I thought to myself …

Why did we not create a smart InstancedNode that can be added through the scene composer and when you add AssetLinkedNodes to it, at run-time it can itterate through the child AssetLinkNodes and create an InstancedNode for each unique group and run instance() on them if the hardware it opengl 3.0 or above? This way we get an automatic speed improvement without having to manage InstancedNodes in our code.


We look forward to your patch.

@pspeed that response made me smile lol since I am clueless about netbeans development and the JMonkey contribution process, if I just create the new Node and post it here I would imagine someone could migrate it into the nightly build yes?

hint : jmonkeyengine/ at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub


Usually when someone asks “Why isn’t this feature implemented?” suggesting that we await their patch is the best way to answer the question… because the response to that is usually the exact answer requested.

Like showing up to a potluck and asking why anyone didn’t bring the meatballs… well, for the same reason you didn’t bring them. :slight_smile:

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