JME 3.3 stable SDK release date?

Is there any release date for JME 3.3 SDK ? when it will be stable and released ?

When the Engine releases 3.3.0-stable.
But indeed we could carve a 3.3.0-alpha2 (or better would be an alpha3) with the new netbeans, but it’s only possible if the java 11 issues are resolved/included in the tag.


is jme 3.3 Alpha is safe or not ?
i am starting a project please inform me .

I doubt it will make any significant difference to you. Use whichever version that you prefer.

99.9% of the time you can just bump the version number with no problems at all.


ok thanks to you all JME development team + community.

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Where were the Java 11 issues explained? Wasn’t able to find it here or on GH.

Has to be on github master branch (but engine, not sdk) and also here on the hub (maybe it was lwjgl3 problems only?). Anyway we had to invoke the compiler manually and other funny things. Then I noticed that you cannot use an engine built with java 11 in a java 8 sdk. So I don’t know how that applies to launching a game on a java 8 vm, though.

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Oops, of course I checked the engine repo, not the SDK repo!

But, still no obvious hits on that front searching for terms like “JDK” “11” “Java 11” and so on.

cannot use an engine built with java 11 in a java 8 sdk

Unless you meant the reverse of that, that one makes sense to me.

Edit: Oh, maybe that “LWJGL3 thing” was whatever that Swing or AWT compatibility issue was (which they seem to have little interest in fixing). Memory a bit hazy on that already, but we were discussing that one related to the default launcher which has that problem. Yeah that could be a tough one.