jME and 3ds Max

Hi there,

I was having trouble getting my scenes from 3ds Max into jME.

I am using the OGREMax plugin for 3ds Max. Unfortunately the only documentation I can find is these two links.

I have been following this tutorial.

The problem is once I export the scend into jME and inset the code supplied. I get the error

“SEVERE: Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[LWJGL Renderer Thread,5,main]
com.jme3.asset.AssetLoadException: An exception has occured while loading asset: worm.mesh.xml”

I refer to the documentation here

and try and turn into into a “j30” file. But when i try and do that I get the error

“Unrecognized version number in dotScene file: 1.0 Child (worm) attached to this node (Models/test/worm-scene_node)
Trying to write asset failed, asset data null!
Import failed?
Could not locate saved file”

I follow the tutorial completely. I only export the .xml and I don’t export the environment settings…

What could be causing that?

Is there a good tutorial on 3ds Max and jME?

Thanks for reading!

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I am not sure about the 3ds ogre exporter, I have had issues with it both in Ogre3D and jME. I ended up just using Wavefront .obj.

The Wavefront .obj exporter for 3ds is excellent, I have used it myself and jME has no problems with it. The only problem that jME has with wavefront is that objects has to be exported as groups, not objects. Which simply means that objects are marked with ‘g’ instead of ‘o’ in the .obj file - something that is easy to fix manually if you setup the export incorrectly.

jME can convert .obj to .j30 easily.

Thank you!

This time it compiled to a .j3o right away.

Now it says “LOD levels are not set on this mesh”

I tried to do the tutorial as is, but it didn’t work.

As you can imagine my overall goal is to just get any type of model from 3ds max into jME.

Alternatively you could try importing your 3ds file into Blender and then import the .blend file.

@BigBob: For my 3ds models I’m using the obj-Format. JME can load it right away with the asset manager (like this: "assetManager.loadModel(“foobar.obj”);

The result is a spatial and therefore a savable which you can export with the BinaryExporter into a file.

But also I’m not using the LOD feature.

Hi there!

Another question.

When I import the .blend files it is unable to import the materials.

This isn’t a huge deal, as long as I am able to apply the materials to the object within the scene editor.

Is there a way to do this?

I tried to click on the material browser but it is empty.

Can someone give me a simple solution or link to a document for giving an item materials from the scene editor!

Thanks again!

Last question.

Would anyone know how to make a hole or door-like object into the side of an object.

Is this something that would be done in JME or would an .obj naturally have openings.