jME and Game Consoles

hello all,

what about running jME games on game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation and such machines?

is there a way to do this?

I know the topic may be very hard to make these machines run Java but we all should know that computers aren't the most popular game environment.

any solutions, suggestions or even news about such plans in the project?

:D  I have seen JME is running on PS3 with linux.  :-o

jME requires Java and some hardware abstraction layer for graphics/audio/input.

You can try using GCC (GNU compiler collection) with the java front end to compile to machine code that is compatabile with the console hardware. Then you will have to link it which would probably require you to use some custom tools made for the console.

For the hardware abstraction layer, you will have to provide some native code for hardware access which the compile could link to, and on the Java side, you have to implement jME's rendering system interfaces which use the native code.

Even though it's possible, I suggest against it's much more easier to just use native code in the first place.

Hey BlackBluegL

Is that true? I mean, have you really seen jME running on PS3 with linux? if that is really true, tell me about it because i want to try it! Thanks