JME and OpenGL 1.4


I need my application to also run on netbooks. As I recently found out jme won’t run on 90% of them, because Intel is too stupid to release graphic-card-drivers with OpenGL 2 support.

Is there a way to get JME (and nifty) running with OpenGL 1.4. If not, will this be supported soon? If not, what would be the best thing for me to do?

I hope there will be a way, since there are awesome games like torchlight that can run on a netbook with OpenGL 1.4


The same topic. Read it entirely, please. OpenGL 1.1

Thank you! The only thing I dont get to work now is the sky. Using the SkyFactory, I can only see the sky as a little sphere in the background. It grows as I zoom in until it is completely surrounding again, but with wrong texture coordinates.

The sky uses a cubemap, which currently isn’t supported by the OpenGL1 renderer

I recomend to you make your own sky with your own far planes :v:

is good, hited me at the nail :smiley: