JME and Vista?

I apologize if this has already been addressed somewhere else and I overlooked it.  I've come across this engine and it looks pretty nice.  From reading the specs, I see this engine is using OpenGL.  I know Microsoft kinda dropped support of OpenGL with Vista (which made me kind of ill), I haven't really followed up on them "potentially" bringing full support…

I say all that to ask this:  Do you currently have any issues using this engine with Windows Vista?

Support is not done by Microsoft, but by the makers of your videocard. The "big three" (AMD+ATi/nVidia/Intel) all have decent OpenGL support in Vista afaik.

I use Vista Home Premium and have had zero problems so far in using jME.  And, as llama said, the video support is through the graphics card/chipset maker.  I think that you can add Intel graphics chipsets to that list as well.

I am running vista too and it works great.