JME applet

hello, I am trying to setting up a JME applet, I browse the forums and I found references to JMESimpleApplet, but saddly I also noticed that that classes had been removed from the current release. I browsed the attic and found the old source, but I have lot of troubles with them… my question is: is somebody working with JME applets right now, or it there is some plan to put this feature in futures releases?

I think what you’re looking for is SimpleJMEApplet under:

com.jmex.awt.applet package.

I believe the following wiki tutorial is up to date but I haven’t used jME applet’s in awhile.

Writing a jME Applet

You want SimpleJMEApplet, which can be found in jmex.awt.applet

yes, you are right… the problem was caused because I am using the downloaded jars from the homepage, instead of build my own jars from cvs… and in the former case, it seems that SimpleJMEApplet is not packaged. thanks!