JME binary (or XML) format specification?


I tried several kinds of model formats that JME supports, and none of them fits my needs.

So I decided to write my own exporter to JME binary (or XML maybe?) file format.

I searched this site for documentation about JME file format, but I couldn't find it.

Does anybody know where can I find it?


The binary format is more or less defined by it's API, the format in which things are stored is not really standardized because it could change at any time. It's internal to jME so to say. The sourcecode is the documentation hereā€¦

The XML format hevee created is a bit new, but having more exporters to it will only help it become good. (at which point I'm certain we'll include it in CVS). It will probably be a lot more pleasant experience for you to write an exporter for too.

I look forward to the upcoming XML format support.

Thank you for your information.

You can already download the code: