jME Capabilities

Well, I am looking at using jME to make games with. With the skinned models, how far does the bone manipulation extend? Can I mount other object onto the bones, to make a basic equip system? I hear that speed is not a problem really, is this true? Could jME run faster then something like RuneScape on middle-high end computers? Also, can the collision detection to triangle selectors for extremely accurate collision detection? For example, can I just put a triangle selector for my terrain and see if it collides with my player, then simply push him away? I just want to get simple physics/collision detection running fast. Also, can I get a scene node from a level made in MonkeyWorld3d and test it for collisions with the player? All help will be appreciated. Please help me find more information out about jME.

Ok, great. I will start as soon as possible. This is a great forum for support. Thanks for the info.