jME causes major lag spikes, didn't use to

Alright, so I’ve been using jME3 for a while now, and there’s been no problem with it, until I tried to update my video drivers. Now, when I open jMP, my CPU fan revs on insanely loud, and the entire computer starts to lag like none other. I can also see popping buttons, and some just render black. I think the new video drivers are screwed up, and I may downgrade, because I can’t use jME whatsoever, with my entire computer running around 10 fps, even just on my desktop. Is there any known fix before I downgrade my drivers?

Which version of JME3? Just curious. It doesn’t really matter… because it seems like your video drivers are pretty screwed up.

System worked before.

Upgraded drivers.

System works worse.

There is the chance that JMP is doing something that your driver really hates and older version of JMP definitely had some issues. That’s why I asked.

it’s the newest, jME3 Beta 1. Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling? I hate to go through the pain of downgrading drivers.

No, you shouldn’t need to reinstall the JMP. Best you can do is just make sure you have the latest stable updates in the tools/plugins thingy.

System worked.

Drivers upgraded.

System stopped working.

Sounds like drivers to me. :frowning:

Yeah, true. I’ll just downgrade them later tonight, feeling a little lazy right now, as usual. xD thanks for clarifying!