JME crashes when i click any item on the toolbar. Linux OS

First of alll, I’m on a linux laptop.
JME crashes anytime I click file, edit, help and all the other items in the toolbar. I get the following warnings when iJME first opens…

Driver claims that default framebuffer is not sRGB capable. Enabling anyway.
Pausing audio device not supported.

Are the warnings and crashing related? Anyone have any ideas to fix this? I’m eager to try out Jmonkey!

I had those warnings too but never had crashes, I don’t think they’re related. Try updating your JDK.

This is normal and should be ignored. The other could be problematic probably.

I updated JDK, still crashes when I click the toolbar.

Any other suggestions? I was really looking forward to trying JMonkey.

This may help.

Just tagging @Darkchaos the sdk guy.

Thanks for tagging.
Without seeing the crashlog I assume that you are using a distribution which uses wayland?

Unfortunately the JDK 8 does not support Wayland (it has a bug which makes it crash in odd cases like popup menus), however we cannot update to jdk 9 yet since netbeans doesn’t support that :frowning:

Sorry for that :frowning:

I am using a distribution that uses wayland. Thank you! I have an old mac that i can use. So all is not lost. Thanks for the help everyone.

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