jME demos crash Trillian 3.1

Whenever I run the jME demo it crashes Trillian 3.1 (instant messenger program) Just thought it was kind of odd and hence off topic.

(Obviously a problem with Trillian and not jME)

Anyone else use Trillian 3.1 beta and have this problem? heh

Oh, 3.1 has been released ?

I’ll download it this afternoon and test it with jME…


Only crashes when I use the java web start stuff so it’s probably a java thing rather than a jME thing.

Hmm, crash as in it stops running, or disconnects?

I run Trillian 3.1 all day and don’t see this… maybe there are other forces at work there? :?

Yeah it actually crashes as in the Trillian throws and error and shuts down. Could be a combination of stuff on my computer then. I was actually having problems with trillian 3.0 after installing the newest microsoft updates so I had to move to the 3.1 beta to get it to work.

Works here… And webstart don’t crash trillian 3.1…

Windows is made of strange things…


No kidding… yesterday there was like 8 security patches sent to my win2k box from MS. 8-O