jME demos ... kudos!

The jmetest demos are an outstanding resource for a NOOB such as myself.

Major kudos!!!  Wow! This certainly puts a polished look to jME.

great to hear! :slight_smile: they are good to have for us too for knowing that no features are broken. please let us know if there are any features that doesnt have a test and we'll create one for it…

i actually wanted these days to start a thread new thread about demos (not tests).

i'll just use this one because it already uses the word demo:

so what about some community-made jme demos to show off the best features of jme?

the tests are nice but they usually show only one of the features.

i'm talking about a 2-3 minutes probably non-interactive application which combines sound + visuals in order to impress the viewer. that would be a really nice thing to have for the next jme show-off and even for the 1.0 release.

i know there were more attempts to start a community-based project (like game projects), but a demo would be much easier to make than a game. it would also involve much more artist contribution.

any opinions?

go go go :smiley:

does that mean that you are willing to participate to such an action?  :wink:

hehe, I would be 'willing', somewhat - but as I hardly find enough time to answer little questions here… and I did not code more than 100 lines for any game related stuff in the last months. I'm afraid this won't improve any time soon :frowning:

same thing here. but i'm still willing to try.

I will open source my game as soon as it reaches a playable level.
I am not a detail person, so I hope others will help out on those areas...
Funky effects are very welcome, so it then could be a jME demo...

Although my game is somewhat similar to the flag rush tutorial...
Maybe we should help out to get that finished first ?!