Jme Desktop

Can I use joptionpane within jme window. If I use it like this JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"text","title", 1); then it goes into a new window outside of my game's window and it freezes my cursor, so I just basically want it to appear within my jmedesktop. I don't know if its got something to do with the null value in the creation of the message.

No, but you could create one yourself. :o

I though I have to do that. o well it was worth asking :stuck_out_tongue: this is how my swing menu looks if any one is interested…

What is a easy way of removing the jmedesktop state from another state that does not load the jmedesktop var this is how I usually do it 'GameStateManager.getInstance().detachChild("normal CameraGameState");' but the jmedesktopstate's method doesn't allow naming it.

It should be possible to show JOptionPane in an internal frame. Did you try that?

Yes, irrisor but thx for telling me anyways I found testjmedesktop (the nonstate example) I've also solved naming my state but adding a string to the method but I don't know how good this solution is because now I have to use a custom jmedesktopstate…

My JComboBox in my jmedesktopstate doesn’t select the option clicked but if I use the keyboard to select the option then it works.  :?

Edit: uploaded test here if you would like to check it out… the drop down bar doesn’t work please help :frowning: