jME does not exit properly, bug?


I got a game that loads some meshes, some animations and some characterphysicsnodes.

But when I press esc, then the window of the game shutsdown but I still have to click terminate from eclipse or else the game will keep running without a screen.

If I dont click terminate then the lwjgl file will appear as “in use” next time I run the game. and the fps rate will be lowerd to about 1-2 fps.

Is this a known bug or not?

Extra info:

The javaw.exe is still running even after shutting down using eclipse red button.

I have to use a external software to shut it down. Might want to look that up…

Every test app? I doubt so and I guess you are forgetting to shut down one of your own threads or executors.


It’s my zombie thread that I didnt kill.

I usualy have the EXIT_ON_CLOSE on my jframes and they kill all threads. Ill add it here too and it sould be fixed.

Thanks :slight_smile: