jME doesn't work anymore

i delted jME project and my application project from my laptop during formating the harddisk. i had also saved the files on a cvs and my other pcs. know i downloaded the jme and my project from the cvs an tried to start it. but in the properties settings of my project i can't add the jme project because no project is selected. if i want to run an jme test like for example the teapot i can't start the application. because eclipse says there is no launch configuration.

whats going on? on my pc which uses the same cvs source as the laptop all works perfectly

I would start from the beginning and make sure your eclipse is setup with jME by following the tutorials in the wiki.

hmm i can't start from the beginning know :smiley:

Well, obviously something is not setup correctly within eclipse. So I don't know what else to say…

What happens when you open a jME test class and right click it, go to run as… adn run it that way?

no it doesn't- because i can't chose anything (java application, java applet,…) under the menupoint run as

That sounds like a problem with your Eclipse setup. Either you are in the wrong perspective or don't have correct Run Configurations