Jme doesn't work on android emulator or device

Hi all. Firstly sorry for my english.
I can’t run jme on android emulator or device.
So I create a 3d image on google sketchUp and then export mesh file via ogre exporter.
I copy into assets/models folders these mesh files and convert to j3o file.
I create Spatial object with my j3o file and material etc.
and I’m trying to run HelloCollision project with my mesh file but it doesn’t work.
Emulator says: “Unfortunatly. MyGame has stopped”.
Meanwhile , I’m doing the necessary adjustments for android project.
Disable Compile On Save options.
Enable Mobile and selecting target platform 4.2
Where is my mistake ?

What does logcat say when the error happens?

Thanks for your interest. I solved it with this topic ->
Now , my project is running on my table but if I copy my mesh file into the root path , It is running.
Can not it be automatically ? When project is debugging , these file copy into the root…

Here is the explanation of why.


Thank you so much bro. :smiley:
God bless you if you believe in the God… :slight_smile: