jME Exporter for Blender (no Skeleton Animation)

I've created an model in blender of an simple arm, consists of only two cubes. I've added an "Armature" with two bones and called them "SmallBone" and "BigBone". I connect the bones with the arm in blender and made a five frame animation.

I want to export the arm and the bones to JMonkey with the jME Exporter  from the Blender JME Tutorial. In the current version skeleton animation doesn't work (Message: Warning!Skeletal Animation does NOT work currently. Hopefully it will be fixed soon…).

Is there any (better an easy) work around? Convert from Blender -> XYZ -> jme xml (possible to access the bones)

Keyframes work fine, but its no option to use Keyframing instead of using skeletal Animation for me.

What is the entry point in jme when i'm able to load a skeleton model? Is there a bone node or somthing similar accesible with node names "SmallBone" and "BigBone"?

Its very impotant for me… Thanks for your support.

You can try exporting to COLLADA and using the new COLLADA importer developed by NCSoft. This is already in jME if you use the most recent CVS version.

last I heard that script wasn't able to do skinning yet

I don't know how to solve your problem, but I believe you are on the wrong track anyway. The blender collada exporter from illusoft has no animation support yet other than basic object level animation, neither armature nor vertex animation seems to be supported. Your only options for exporting bones from blender to jME are MD5 and Cal3D currently, both supported by unoficcial loaders for jME that can be found on this forum.

I read the other day support for armatures has started, but too young yet.

And anyway, md5 rocks in blender.

Anyway, the more, the merrier, you never know what issues can find in a certain project , or 3d packages features you wanna port, that A or B format wont support by format or plugin limits…

So, what I said…

To me, md5 is greatest for character animation, collada and hevee's for scene and animated scenery exporting…That talking bout Blender.

This might be a bit off topic, but in the spirit of snaga's comment about "the more, the merrier", I was wondering whether the blender to xml exporter was still being developed, or whether I should try one of the other options? I've been very happy with the exporter (thanks hevee :slight_smile: so I was hoping I could stick with it. The one problem is I'm still getting the odd behaviour with object centers, unless I place all the object's centers in the same place, I get my different meshes offset by different amounts. I've been getting along ok with this, by just setting all the object centers to the origin, but now I would really like to have some empties in the scene, to use as weapon and propeller attachment points for my plane. Obviously these would need to have their centers somewhere other than the origin to be useful :slight_smile: It would also be great to be able to have different object centers for control surfaces on the plane, so they can be rotated as the plane steers.

If it's best for me to move to another format, I was hoping someone had a suggestion for the exporter that gets closest to being as easy and nice for static models as hevee's? I don't really need animation, although it would be nice, but I would like a pretty direct trouble-free path from blender to JME, exporting multiple meshes per file, preserving UV etc. I've looked at MD5 in the past, but the only exporter I can find seems to be ancient, out of date by several blender versions. I keep hearing about Collada, but not too many details. I sometimes wish that people would put all the blender exporters on one website, maybe a sourceforge site, and the same for the JME importers, if they can't go in CVS. Seems like model transfer is a pretty big problem for a lot of people.

Sorry for not fixing your problem earlier. I hacked the exporter to output correct object locations, or at least that's what it seems like in my first tests. Please download the new version from and try if it works for you! I did not check if this breaks object animation export, however.

I'm just really glad you wrote the exporter at all, seems like I'm being picky wanting it to be perfect :slight_smile:

I ran the plane model through, and it comes out great - oddly everything is rotated 180 degrees compared to before. I think maybe it is right now and was wrong before, since blender coordinates are odd, and the objects are now all positioned perfectly relative to each other. I've tried with 3 gun positioning empties, and 2 propeller positions, and it works great for putting the plane together. Much easier than my old system of fiddling with coordinates in code until things lined up :wink: Not sure whether it breaks object animation since I'm not using that yet, if I end up using it I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for the fix :slight_smile:

Short update:

Blender Collada EXPORT ( is not ready know. The plugin works with Blender 2.42a and Python 2.4.3 (not with 2.5 release candidate)

I downloaded two Pythonscripts for Blender to Export Models to Cal3d and to md5. The scripts work, i think so.

I also downloaded two Loader for JME from:

Is there any documentation, examples or tutorials for using them? Are ther further Loaders for MD5 or Cal3d?

snaga said:

I read the other day support for armatures has started, but too young yet.

And anyway, md5 rocks in blender.

Where is an loader/viewer for md5 files? I'm search the forum and found a post, but the links are not functional.

Any Source for handle md5 in jme?
JTroll said:

JME from:

there is this one the older one is bit more functional I have it all repaired and running nicely at home with the help of kman and ender even added a touch or two myself but Ender has made himself responsible for hosting it not sure when he'll put it up though. stay tuned

md5 is my fav exporter from blender. The kman plugin worked nice for me.Have not tested that other one.

snaga said:

md5 is my fav exporter from blender. The kman plugin worked nice for me.Have not tested that other one.

yeah but older one allow me (novice) to do things like weapon handling in blender and bring it into jme with

bodyInstance.addChild( blade, "weaponbone" );

and some basic offset calls, if needed, which are provided aswell

all that costs me is that I must rig the weopon, "not a big deal for me" and export it to md5, and if you put real thought into the rigging you don't even need the offsets