JME flight

HI guys just started a new project with Jme2. Its basicly a flight sim uses my own physics and jme’s simplePassGame. Let me know what I should do with it because I have no idea what sort of game to turn it into :expressionless:

At the moment you just fly around collecting rings… cheers dc  :smiley:

Su navegador no soporta objetos flash

Well some general things you should decide:

air air or air ground combat.

swarm/spawn(survival) or missions

or not any kind of wargame at all.

(btw in it's named Ogre not Orge ^^)

sound il defo look into AI for air combat missions  :smiley: anybody know where to start when it comes to AI

guided missles would be pretty cool :wink:

maybe networking too?

people could join in and fly around and blow eachother up

looks similar to  :slight_smile:

I was hoping to base my project on aircarrier but they wouldnt let me access the code… anybody else have this problem?

The link to (cvs) works for me. All the sourcecode/resources seem to be accessible there.

I'm rather favourable to shooting down Nazi zeppelins myself.

It looks promising. What sort of flight model are you using?

As for feedback. I would prefer a more well-defined horizon. And I assume you've noticed, but there are a couple of times where your water disappears in your video.

Yea that disappearing water only showed up in the video not a problem in the game.

Made the model in blender its only something to look at for now working on more complex designs :smiley: