JME for a 3D CAD-programm? (newbie)


I discovered JME a view days ago, as I read the a blog-entry (“Java 3D is dead (again). Long live Java 3D! :wink:”) and the announcement of wonderland to move to JME. So, I’m a total noob of any kind of GUI- and 3D-programming, but I give it a try. I’m a student of computer-sciences and did use java only for tiny algorithms, mostly scientific (e.g. datastructures, bioInfo). The screenshots of JME and this site looks very pretty, nice work, perhaps my new home for a while??

My plans are to create a tiny CAD-system (opensource) with 3D view, drag&drop builder, just for building special tents that consists of 3 different kind of polygones, with NetBeans (switching from eclipse) and create a Rich-Client (I’m discovering all the tutorials at the moment) :slight_smile:

This is very much for my leisure time, I know, but I’m interested and I know that this would bind me for a year or so.

Before I read this blog-entry from above, I did just know “Java3D”, never heard of other engines or librarys (openjfx, JME, …), so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

On big argument pro JME would be, that the JME is a very large engine so that my project would be very extendable, perhaps even in an easy way.

A very important point has to be, that this CAD must work even with my linux-laptop (with graphics onboard).

So, I want to ask the experts, what they think. Which engine/environment/librarys/… would you choose?

Don’t know, if this ist perhaps the totally wrong place for my project?!

Best regards


Take a look MonkeyWorld3D…it probably already does most of what you’d like to create. :wink:

BTW, MonkeyWorld peeps, you need to add something to the sourceforge page to redirect people to the new site.

thanks, I will give it a try today.