JME freezes while attempting to load model on Mac OS X

Hi all,

I'm currently learning JME, coming from Java 3D, and I'm stuck attempting to load external models. Every time I try to load a model JME just freezes on my Mac, it stops responding and the process can only be killed with help of the activity monitor, which is the Mac equivalent of the task manager.

I've tried using the XXXtoJme classes as described in the tutorials, as well as the ModelLoader utility class. I've also tried both 3DS and OBJ files. So basically I'm stuck now, as there is no strack trace or anything. Searching this forum also brought up nothing. So, can anyone help me with this?

i'm working on mac os x also…

can you send me the model and i'll see if i can load with a debugger loading thing i wrote…

I'm on OS X as well, feel free to send me the model.

I managed to solve this by creating the models in 3ds max, exporting them as OBJ, then import them again in Blender and export as OBJ…again. Not exactly an ideal solution, but it works. For some reason Max's OBJ export produces files that JME is not capable of loading. It wouldn't be the first time their exporters are dodgy, the VRML one creates colors that are outside the 0f-1f range.

Btw, is it intentional that JME won't exit when it's in the initGame() phase? People might want to quit the game when something goes terribly wrong while loading :slight_smile:

Also, although I'm now able to load in models without JME freezing, they appear all white. It seems like there is a problem with the MTL file, which has the same name as the OBJ and is in the same directory. I tried to set the 'mtllib' property, but I don't understand what value it should be set to. From the Wiki I assumed it was the path to the OBJ file as an URL.

have you got your lighting set up??

ncomp said:

have you got your lighting set up??

Er... :oops:

I promise to check everything 1200 times before asking on the forum from now, before I will end up being the town fool here. It surprises me how much different JME is from Java3D, especially concerning the *States. I just assumed that the two worked in similar ways.