[jME Game] Story ideas (choose one)

Code Name Author
Proxy wars Vardamir
Paranoia DarkPhoenixX
The Restless Sea of Mankind hedkandi
Red Street Fighter Sebastian23

Choose your favorite story, within the next 14 days :P

I voted Proxy wars exactly because it allows going in many directions… plus it reminded me a little bit of Firefly :slight_smile:

Make a mission 'Battle of Serenity valley'  :smiley:

Uhh… Proxy Wars? The others didn't really explain what the game was going to be about  :stuck_out_tongue: Panic, strange aliens and religion story doesn't count.

I like the Restless Sea of Mankind… I am sure we can get the story to be continued on, and I like it's beginnings. I can already imagine a trailer for it.

I vote proxy wars, because… I don't know, I prefer it, ok?

fabioluizfs said:

I vote proxy wars, because... I don't know, I prefer it, ok?

I don't know eiether    :?

I’ve added Red Street Fighter

Oh noes! Vote!

Still 10 days to go

14 votes only? Come on…

You have until this Thursday!


While I am still on the sidelines regarding this project (as I have my own irons in the fire that I'm quite pleased with at present), although I do wish this project the best of luck and success for the benefit of all jME-dom, I would like to suggest/vote for a game style that has not been mentioned but that I think would lend itself to strong community development with short-range milestones that would be easily met and provide great feedback to instill further inspiration and motivation to keep the project moving forward.  So, beyond that run-on sentence, I would like to suggest that the game project undertaken be a tactical rpg (like final fantasy tactics, disgaea, etc.) wtih onilne player vs player. 

The main focus of this game would be player vs player matches (based on a "rules of engagement" system that denotes attacker and defender objectives based on the map or level in question) through a portal much like the Go portals out there (like http://www.gokgs.com/) where the entry point would be a virtual town where shops and players could be used and interacted with and portals to game areas where challenges to other players can be given and received.  There would also be a feature to allow non-playing players to watch and comment/chat-about a match currently in progress.  I think that the development arc for this  (due to its modularity and narrow focus) would be greatly beneficial to the developers and project leaders in terms of "return on (time and energy) investment".  Also, given the fact that tactics games are very popular there is a good chance that given the proper marketing treatment that this game could become popular and community building in its own right.  And, of course, its all about the gameplay!

So to sum up the main ideas:

  1. Online (client/server) player vs player tactical map-based gameplay
  2. Virtual town where players can upgrade team member equipment and chat w/other players
  3. "Rules of Engagement" based gameplay which defines attacker and defender objectives per map
  4. A map editor available for players above a certain level so that they can design their own challenges
  5. player stats/teams saved on the server so as to provide continuity between play sessions

    And there's my two-cents ; - )

I like this idea. And the game type isn’t set in stone yet, i would say. It sounds like a more casual type of game. But maybe it would be better to continue this discussion in [jME Game] Gameplay and design

pflanzenmoerder said:


So you volunteer for writing a chapter where zombies invade our little village?  :D

We have a winner  :smiley:

Now it's about time to begin with working, i mean hard working, real hard work! I'll post another thread for that.