jME has no way to go back on debugging?

Spent alot of time and finally found where I was fucking everything up :smiley:

Would’ve been alot easier if jME could retrocess on debugging (eclipse has it), or I’m just a fool and couldn’t find how!

I know I can set it up in eclipse, and I did, but I don’t like changing between IDE’s, not very pratical. Anyway: does it not have a backwards debug or am I just blind?


As in stepping backwards through code in reverse?

The SDK is based on netbeans… so the answer really is whether Netbeans has that feature. I’m not sure on the answer but google might be able to tell you.

What happens to variable values as you step backwards? Particularly things that have been thrown away?

@tiagoparreira said:
or am I just blind?


You cant just move the current execution point where ever you want in the current function, but you can start execution from the current function call again, or anywhere up the current call stack.

Go to the call stack window, right click a function in the stack, and click "Pop to here" and it will "reverse" it back to a previous state where you can execute it again

ah there we go. thanks :slight_smile: