jME IDE (sh jmonkeyplatform) does not start


I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 with the latest included NVidia Drivers, on a GF GTX 260². Sun JDK is installed, OpenJDK completely purged including IcedTea.

Every test from the “web start demo” just looked fine (as far as I can tell), but the main executable script file crashes without any error message.

me@ubuntu:~/.../jmonkeyplatform/bin$ ./jmonkeyplatform me@ubuntu:~/.../jmonkeyplatform/bin$

So i slightly dug into the script, and found another one - ./platform/lib/nbexec - which outputs a warning (can't access userdir) and produces an exception (I expected that - it obviously lacks some CLI arguments...)

What can I try next? Thanks in advance for your help!



some weird crap caused my /usr/bin/java to be linked to the GIJ JRE…

So I purged gcj-*, and ended up with a working jME :slight_smile: fine!

Happy coding and regards,


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