JME in Eclipse RCP/SWT

By looking through this board it seems like that there are some people using JME in eclipse RCP or SWT.

We are right now starting to package our stuff together to release it as open source.

It is actually not much and I would like to add our stuff to Librarians SourceForge project as we are using his OffscreenRendering code.

We are very satisfied with JME in eclipse and our product is coming along great (we are out of proof of concept and are working hard on the final product which will be released as opensource).

There are a lot code snipplets and suggestions floating around and I think it would be good to collect everything and provide it as an eclipse plugin.

But first I think it would be good if we could have a talk about a SWTDisplaySystem that would satisfy the needs of everyone.

Right now ours looks different from Librarians and I didn't have a chance to look at the stuff MonkeyWorld does.

So what would you guys think about doing a little IRC meeting this week and talk about that?

Just some points that I would be able to contribute or would be willing to work on:

  • create a plugin (we already have one that includes everything you would need to develop JME apps, including nonSWT/RCP equinox apps)
  • merge currently used SWTDisplaySystems (with the help of you guys)
  • add context switiching capabilities (I had it running once, we didn't need it and by cleaning my sourcecode I somehow broke it, should be working soon)
  • documentation (yes, the dreaded stuff)

    Like my idea or is it bullshit and I should go and get a life?

On the contrary! I'm all in favor of mutualization :slight_smile:

An Eclipse plugin is the way to go, I think: easier integration with the IDE, easier deployment, easier to keep up to date…

So count me in :slight_smile:

The only problem is that I'm currently moving, so I won't be available in the next few weeks. Plus, I'm in France, so an IRC meeting with me may not be easy to schedule :wink:

Why not use the jME wiki then? We can discuss over there, and everyone can participate.

I think it's a great idea, how bad is the performance hit using the offscreen renderer, if any?

We are using the Offscreenrenderer about twice a second, then it's not too bad.

But you will have a noticable performance impact if you use it too often.

We fixed a little problem in the solution in the wiki that prevent us from using the offscreenrenderer with a lower framerate than the actual renderer.

We fixed it, I just have to get that stuff together and then provide it here.

I am quite occupied right now as we got surprised with an opportunity to present our stuff so I am once again furiously working on my stuff.

I am still committed to my announcement, hopefully the next weekend I have some time to get our code together into a plugin and then I will also start adding stuff to the wiki.

Looking forward to it, good luck with your presentation.  :slight_smile:

Oh, i missed this thread somehow. That's a really good idea. I always wanted to merge all the SWT implementations out there. As far as i can tell, the jme-mw3d plugin is based on Librarians code. We've added some stuff, like the JMEView. But still we're facing some problems, when two views are opened.

But one of the biggest problem is, that we needed to hack the jME code to get this SWT integration to work. You can count on me for this project.

IIRC sounds good, schedule will be difficult though. What timezones do we all live in? Me here its GMT+1

I am still in the states.

I would stick with Librarians proposal and use the wiki to start the whole thing (IRC if possible).

We had already solved the issue with rendering to two GLCanvas at the same time but had to axe it as we are using ODE and ODE doesn't currently support updating two physics spaces at the same time.

What document in the wiki?

First of all, we should compare the different implementations. Here's a link to MW3Ds implementation:

And a demo project showing the use of the plugins JMEView:

There isn't anyhting in the wiki yet, I wanted to do that on the weekend.

Ok, I will hopefully have enough time to compare the implementations this weekend.

If you are reading this Librarian: Is your stuff on sourceforge the most recent one?

I will hopefully be able to put a comparison up on Sunday.

It might get a little tight as we are attending the eclipse demo camp in New York and we still have a lot of things to do.

GMT +1, are you by any chance from Germany?

I'm in France :slight_smile: (GMT+1 too)

The SF stuff should be the most recent. Unfortunately I can't check immediately (I just moved, so no Internet yet at home…).

Yes i am from germany. I always watend to know, what plants you were killing :wink:

Sorry to go OT, but where are you from?

I am returning to Regensburg in December.

:-o Regensburg? Wow, i am from Cham, and i was born in Regensburg and atteneded FH there. The world is so small. So we are three people here already coming from the Oberpfalz  :D.