jME in eclipse


so I'm sitting here with a fresh eclipse plugin that allows me to use jME in an eclipse RCP (and SWT) application (the whole thing will be released as opensource, it's not much but it works :D).

I created an SWTDisplaySystem (by extending the LWJGLDisplaySystem), but having worked with jME for just a week I just hit a wall and I hope someone give me a pointer into the right direction.

We need to display the scene from several different angles and displayed on several differen GLCanvas instances.

Has anybody tried that so far? I know it is possible in swing and if there is no solution available I'd be happy to implement it if someone gave me a hit into the right direction (what to implement, extend …).

The whole stuff will be released back to jME as soon as it works.

Thanks a lot.

I just pulled a note out of my ass where it says: "Use jME's render to texture ability". Don't take it too seriously though, my ass is known to have crap coming out of it on occasion, and it has certainly never used that part of jME.

(the above is not sarcasm, just good old well-meant comedy)


There's another jme-swt .jar and plugin in progress. In fact it's being used in a couple of projects and the only reason it still hasn't been released on sourceforge is because I'm a lazy bastard. Sorry for that.

Anyway, it'd be much better if we just mutualized our efforts, right?

Here's the topic we've used:

I promise I'm gonna update the SVN rep this evening or tomorrow (Paris time, GMT+2 :wink: )

As for your real question pflanzenmoerder, I don't know, sorry :slight_smile:

render-to-texture sounds like a possible solution.

@The Librarian: Sounds very good. I just disovered your code and I did some things different than you did so I think it would be a very good idea to team up on that.

@the others:

Render to texture is not an option. As I mentioned above we are displaying that stuff on different canvas to be able to detach a viewwindow. Render to texture works if I only have one window I'm using, then I can put several views of the scene in the same canvas (like in the TestSpatialLookAt demo).

I already tested things out in JOGL and LWJGL, it is definitely possible to have several canvas to render to. Now the "only" problem left is to utilize the jme-scenegraph to do so.

I'm right now digging through the renderer and from what I see it is definitely possible (and according to posts on this form people have done it in Swing/AWT).

@pflanzenmoerder: committing sources to CVS right now :slight_smile:

I'll also try to have two GL canvas in two different SWT views, to see if our implementation behaves differently from yours. I'll let you know.


I just did a quick browse through your classes.

The problem is




Which is called inside the SWTDisplaySystem. I did the same thing at first but realized that it would lock me into one canvas. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to set the canvas outside the displaysystem but that fails for some reason.

As you probably know, we have created a plugin for eclipse, that can be found here:

There is still the problem, that it is not possible to have two parts side-by-side. after a while, or instantly, when resizing, the whole application freezes. Also there is some kind of resource problem with textures and fonts, because when a part is opend a second time, no texture will be shown anymore.

I am too stupid or too old to see, where the problem is (or maybe both  :?)

So the first solution that i was trying, was to replace our implementation with the jme-swt project. I did not succeed. But i have at least replaced all occurences of LoggingSystem, that don't exist anymore, so if you're interested in this…

My question now is: Have you had any similar problems, and if so, did you solve this? If so, i would love to hear from you, because this is a relly annoying and frustrating problem.

If you want to reproduce the problem, you can take the plugin and the demo project from the repository