jME in Swing, or Swing in jME, or FengGUI in jME?


I'm planing ot make a space strategy game and would like to put some 3D into (solar system visualisation for instance). But I need a strong GUI too ! I mean not just hit point left and ammos but buttons, combo box, lists, tables and so on.

So far I see 3 different solutions :

  • using jME to display 3D views in a Swing GUI
  • using Swing to display GUI panels in jME 3D view
  • using FengGUI (or an other GUI API) to display GUI panels in jME 3D view

    What solution would be the most easy to implement ? give the best runtime performances ?

    Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

If your visual design allows it, you will be best off with the first approach IMO. That way you might have some trouble integrating the jME/lwjgl viewport into your swing app at the beginning, but once you got that right, there will hardly be any more problems regarding GUI/jME integration.

JMEDesktop (Swing inside jME) has some problems on macs and with java 6 and popups (fix might be in one of the next java 6 updates), and is not as fast as FengGUI (but IMO still far from being a fps drain if you update at reasonable rates). I use JMEDesktop a lot and am very happy with it, especially because it is swing. For others this might actually be a downside.

FengGUI on the other hand seems to be either somewhat buggy or rather hard to learn, I have never really used it myself but judging by what I read on the forum people tend to have some trouble starting with it. But there will be others who can tell you more about FengGUI.

Thank you for the information. :smiley:

Could you suggest me some documentation explaining precisely how to integrate jME into a swing application please ?

Most of the threads related to this subject I found in this forum seem outdated.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I'll take a closer look at this test.