JME in Swing

In an application I'm writing, I have a collection of data that I would like to display in 3D space. I've played around with JME a bit, and I really like the simplicity of drawing a scene. My program is essentially a collection of interrelated JInternalFrames inside a JDesktopPane. What I would like, is to embed a 'game' inside a JInternalFrame, so my 3D rendering is just another window in the program.

If you aren't familiar with JInternalFrames, all you need to know is that it is very similar to a JFrame, so any method for embeding a JME 'game' in a JFrame should work for the JInternalFrame.

Any ideas?

There are examples on how to use jme2 in a canvas in the source, but you might run into heavyweight/lightweight problems here (meaning in effect that the opengl panel does not "behave" well and might hide other windows that are in front of it etc.). There are threads on that topic in the forum, but first I'd simply try adapting the canvas tests to your needs.