Jme IRC channel

I noticed that there are no IRC channel for JME.

I would like to suggest #jmonkeyengine (its avaliable)

Because :

#lwjgl contains the lwjgl team 24/7

#java contains about 50 Java sharks avaliable 24/7

#hibernate contains people who know about java hibernate technology

There is a channel for almost everything code and java related

I like IRC, the only reservation that I might suggest is that often stuff that gets solved/discussed/resolved on IRC often doesn’t make it’s way into documentation or forums, for those who missed the IRC chat. :slight_smile:

Acknowledged… however, filtering though the chatter and getting the meat may be even more difficult than getting the FBI to communicate with the CSI.

Is this channel populated? I’m gonna check when I get home later today.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but that thread was created over 6 YEARS ago, in fact, almost 7 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

In case people want to know, there are people in there.

Me so happy D’:

Hi, I joined irc channel. can answer some questions there

^^ for some reason i startd to dislike IRC, and I cannot really say why. :slight_smile:
(Probably because I would have just another programm running constantly)

I’m more for a mailgroup then, it#s a bit oldscool, but at least I can read everything interesting later.
But then this is pretty similar to the forums, where you usually get answers as fast as most irc channels take to react at all :slight_smile:

I think the irc channels works quite nice. depending on the time of day and day of week, we have a pretty fast problem->solution time.

But also a lot of “how to” talks.

BTW, to make say it in this topic too:

The official channel is now: #jmonkeyengine

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