jME is awesome!

I just would like to say that jME is great, so much easier to use than J3D - anyways you definitely have my vote on the best java engine :stuck_out_tongue: anyways great engine.

it's good, but not awesome yet.

indoor rendering is not really supported. bsp, lightmaps and this kind of stuff still have to be added someday

@Hamster: Is that really your answer for a compliment like that?  Damn, I agree it requires a lot of work, but, hey, it is a community supported project. Althoug, I think we should really have a kind of road-map of lacking features and things to polish… perhaps as a sub-forum in this site.

Hamster, learn to do it yourself :stuck_out_tongue: then contribute it.

Don't forget that jME's user support is one of the best, so if you have a problem you just ask on the forum.

Also if there's some cool 3D feature with lots of papers written on it online then I probably made it for jME already…

i already contributed a textur coordinate fix to the md2 loader and made the jointcontroller support per-joint-animations (but no one needed to use it yet). i'd love to add some bsp/indoor-stuff, a half life 2 map importer but i have to work, spend time with my wife, feed my dog…live…watch anime, these sort of things.

yes, the user support is one of the best. as good as in the intellij-forums, and the people there are paid^^. my "good" statement was