JMe + Jadex


How do they go? 


I am beginning a project and I am making some tests in JMe, because an I become friends indicated and I liked enough. The project consists of putting the dynamics of the BDI model applying the model inside in a character's behavior of Engine, but for such I did notice that I will have to program the whole interface between JADEX and JME, for such I decided to post that message and anybody to be seen he/she has experience in that thing type?

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Well… just in case you did not try the search yourself… Jadex has never been discussed on our boards in the past- which means that there probably aren't that many people who have tried what you describe.

But perhaps someone can still offer some good words of advice…

My idea is to simulate a crowd to see the viability of JMe, because viso make a framework to work with

those crowds, have been working for some time with jade / jadex and I have some ideas on what to do now is lacking visual part, which enter the JMe, who later need to the physical part of it too …

For that to understand the communications used by JMe, to work with them in jadex …