JME+Lemur OS Window Manager (WM) Embedding applications

While using lemur, I thought on embedding other applications in a panel.
I am still fighting with it, the most I managed to do was to make screenshots of specific windows and try to load them as a texture every few seconds. (it is still not working).

The real problem tho is forwarding keyboad and mouse events to the applications.

I was reading this:

is not trivial and may not work if preconditions arent met.

anyone has tried that b4 that could share some info?
I think it should plug directly into Xorg in some way.

PS.: I have no idea if this kind of thing may ever work on windows btw. as far I know it can only work on Xorg.

might wanna tag this with the Lemur category :slight_smile:

It’s not really a Lemur question, though.

I think the question is why you would want to do this. Somebody already made a javafx bridge. That kinda solves most of what you would want to do in java (videos, mature GUI, etc).

I think you guys are misunderstanding his question. He wants to write a window manager… like to run other application inside of.

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@jayfella @asser_fahrenholz

we have (on linux):

  • compiz window manager
  • metacity (gnome) window manager
  • kde window manager
  • JWM (extremelly light and fast) window manager
    there are so many others, but the correct name are not coming to my mind now…

there is the java project
that is meant to be a windowmanger too

but it seems not only dead but also not that necessary/useful, as in linux (at least) compiz is the 3D desktop, and (with a lot of effort and spent time) we can even create new compiz plugins to make it be more like what we want.

What I am trying is to use the cool hotness :wink: of jmonkey + lemur, to have a real 3d desktop, where we could even throw all windows away, with fireworks and all we want, fight some monsters, complete some mission, and go back to work, without opening a game application. Or any other weirdos you may immagine/want :), like store some files in a golden chest, and others in a basket, and these would represent our filesystem in some way, and so on :slight_smile:

btw, on windows we have

  • windows window manager
    (I couldnt hold myself, sorry hehe)
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