Jme (Llama) Terra Editor / RPG proof of concept

or using locking?

theprism said:

Have you tried experimenting using imposter quads for the trees ??

Haven't tried yet, was kinda hoping HamsterOfDeath would post more of his experiences with that before I start with it. His post here looks like he was about to post a untility class for that  :D

renanse said:

or using locking?

Yes, I forgot about that  - the small vegetables are locked, the trees are not, because the texture disappeared with lockMeshes, the other locks didn't seem to have much impact, and I couldn't be bothered to optimize every bit out of the static objects before at least some optimizations have been done to the movers (see KeyframeController related stuff above), which take up the bulk of my render/update calls right now.

Because you already agreed to put this terain editor into MW3D, i think its now a good time to put the money where the mouth is (LEO told me, that this is the correct translation for "N

i tried using billboard nodes for grass and small plants, but for some reason i didn't bother to figure out, it was slower than using locked models - and looked worse, so i told my slav…teammates to built some low poly plants & grass

pfft this better not butt heads with the RTS engine that i was hoping to make one day… some time, some where or something…

nice editor.

I grab the code from terra-homepage and miss the two tests from adjusting height-values. I try to implement my own code, but i don't get it to work.


Make sure you grab it from the Google Code page…

llama said:

Make sure you grab it from the Google Code page..


use SVN-Repo now.

How do we use this to map our own MMORPG? Is there a tut anywhere?

Trussell said:

How do we use this to map our own MMORPG? Is there a tut anywhere?

No. This was just to showcase my work at that point, nothing more. I don't have the time to open source the project, or to make it usable for others. Sorry!

BTW; the most recent version of the project is over here:
I might make the map editor accessable from the web installable version there too if I find the time any time soon.