jME logo

hi there,

i just did a svg version of the jME logo ( because i didn't like how the usual one looks like when it's scaled. so now you can scale the jME logo without having it look pixelated or blurry. i tried to keep the picture as similar as possible to the original, but i could do some adjustments (the nostrils for example, or the right eye)

@mojo: it's your monkey, so your oppinion is required  :wink:

EDIT: updated link

I like it  :smiley:

Impressive work. :wink:


That looks pretty damn good. The vector graphics make it so smooth, and we can blow it up to life size for giant posters. :wink: I like it very much, Sfera, thank you.

We obviously would not want to just drop the SVG into the site though as there is issues in browsers supporting it and it's slower than an image to load.  It is a great base from which to do raster jpegs at different sizes though.


thank you all for your appreciation.

darkfrog: that was the point of making the monkey scalable :slight_smile: but don't make jpegs. better do png's  :wink:

Thanks Sfera, I was just making sure that was clear. :wink:

You're probably right about PNG though as it's not a lossy compression.

Again, very good job on the image.  What did you do it in?  I own and am pretty good with Illustrator, but I don't think I could do as good of a job as you did with this.


i updated the svg ( and for those of you which don't have software for viewing svg's i put a png version up (

darkfrog: i used inkscape ( as i 'm a kind of  open source fanatic  ;). inkscape can't do everything but it's enough for creating some nice icons and small graphics. and doing the monkey was pretty simple. i learnt that by modelling 3d stuff :slight_smile: i imported the image of the monkey in the background(as a reference) and then drew the new monkey on top of it. afterwards i removed the background image and adjusted the monkey. that's all

Very nice!