Jme logo

Do you know where can i find the official jme logo?

I want to insert it in my app.

Can I use this : ??

I’m sure we can dig up the actual svg logo somewhere, @erlend_sh might have it.

You have to be careful how the logo is used however. The license says you cannot use the logo or the JMonkeyEngine name. But what it means is you cannot say “this game brought to you by JmonkeyEngine”, “created by jmonkeyEngine”: essentially saying that jMonkeyEngine and the jMonkeyEngine team and/or community made your product.

You can say that your game is “built on top of JMonkeyEngine” or “uses JmonkeyEngine”, something like that.

I think you have to or should ask for official permission too… but I guess here is as good a place as any.

Of course, having the logo in games is a great advertisement for the community and we would love to see it out there :slight_smile:

Yes, that is the new logo (the monkey). Transition to it isn’t fully complete, however

@Sploreg said:
I'm sure we can dig up the actual svg logo somewhere, @erlend_sh might have it.

We don't have an SVG for the new one, just the original logo that is still used as our favicon

ah darn

I think we were even looking at changing the license so that you specifically did not have to ask just to say “Uses jMonkeyEngine”.

So as long as you aren’t implying that JME endorses your game somehow then I think you are fine. Maybe others will correct me if I got this wrong but really we would appreciate all games that used JME to say so. :slight_smile:


I totally agree on that yes :slight_smile:

@andarus: We don’t have a svg but a bigger version of the monkey:

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Other engines already have that, and I think you’d do well to apply that. It’s a massive advertisement for every game that says that.

thank for the logo.

My about windows look like this now :

When you click on the monkey your browser open this link

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Hey that looks great. I don’t see any problems using the logos that way.


What are you doing with CUDA?


I’d like yo use the new logo for illustration purposes on some teaching material I’m writing for the Spanish Government. One of the chapters is devoted to 3D game programming and I’ve chosen jME3 as the game engine to be taught. My idea is to include the logo on the section devoted to the history of the engine. Is there any place where I can point my supervisor for the license of the logo?

I must be careful with any asset I include on my work so I have to be sure that there is no problem with that. The final result will be offered by the Government in a non-commercial educational license.

Thanks in advance!

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Yep you can use the logo for your educational purposes and materials, and you can reference this thread as permission to do so. The license for the jmonkeyEngine name and logo are included in the source. The license can also be found here.

The license is a bit strict and stops people from easily advertising jmonkeyEngine, but as long as you ask permission (which you have) and the use of it is reasonable, then it is okay. Hopefully we can update the license soon.

FYI: I put up a wiki page regarding this question, which references this thread and the very good explanation @Sploreg gave above.

Thanks for your fast reply…

Best regards!

the links to the logo are dead now. :frowning:
Can you guys fix that please? :smile:

I fixed the links

Oh yeah, I remember something like this…

I thought @Empire_Phoenix did a rather nice appstate for the “Powered by JME” type screen. I know that I’ll be using it (or something extremely similar) for when I have my game demo ready here in like, forever.

But, yeah, I like the idea of having the whole “I use JME” props for the engine. It’s a good one, and it should get some props. :smile:

Once the licensing issues are settles i would kinda like to have that 1.5second intro state included into the core :wink: