jME mobile?

I recently discovered jME, and i'd like to know if there's a plan to make a jME mobile version using the J2ME, or if there's a parallel project that uses the same architecture of jME, thanks!

Renanse has done some work with jME to make it at least moderately functional with Android…perhaps he can tell you more?

He’s got more about it on his blog:

I'd describe it as a parallel project that is compatible with the jME architecture at the moment.  Ideally I'd like the library to swap out for the official one relatively seamlessly, but that will require a few changes to the official jME first (like supporting ByteBuffer and ShortBuffer indices)

But this project is only for Android platform? Not J2ME? I'd prefer for J2ME beacuse of it's popularity and because i think almost cellphone in the world has the J2ME virtual machine…

J2ME allong with the MIDP library are very limited and dont create the same results on every cellphone as far as I know.

IMO, stick with Android. If it can even make half of its promises true then it would have a serious advantage over J2ME. From a compatibility point of view but also developing.

See this topic:

jME is certainly possible on J2ME, but only (realistically) phones supporting the OpenGL ES API. Android is certainly easier, but there are no Android phones yet afaik.

First phones will be released in autumn this year. I'd imagine Android might be mainstream in a year or two… given ofcourse all future phones by the current supporting companies will have Android onboard.

I'd suggest that you just use the M3G (Mobile 3D Graphics) API for J2ME, it works on many modern cellphones and is already structured as a 3D graphics engine.