jME newbie new install in Eclipse fail but ant default build OK

Hello jME Troubleshooters, I'm a jME noob and I have successfully built jME at the command line using the Ant build.xml. I have also run the TestChooser and I have run some of the Hello*.java tutorials OK with the appropriate java command-line. Notwithstanding, I have failed to build jME as an Eclipse project from CVS. I have followed the following link meticulously:

All source files build and show nothing in the Problems tab except the following from

  • The type java.lang.Object cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files
  • The type java.lang.String cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from  required .class files

    The above issues foil attempts to run individual source file tests and tutorials as Java Applications.

    OS: Windows XP

    jME: CVS head (today)

    Eclipse: 3.3 (Europa)

    Please advise, geez.

Ummm, I'm a NetBeans user, but to me those look like you don't have the JDK itself properly setup.  What JDK version and such?