jME newbie question about multi-player or client-server options?

Hello jME networkers, I picked networking since my question is about jME with multiple users. I have jME successfully built from CVS using Eclipse. I have run several of the Hello*.java and I have run the against most of the demos. Needless to say I am very impressed and I am digging into the doco to learn more. I have seen one screen shot that represents a so-called MMO. My question is what are the options for multi-players and a central server such that I can implement something like a online or lan type game? The usual sort of thing the server would manage: logins, time usage and other stats, maintaining connections between users, etc. Please re-direct me if another forum is more appropriate for this question. Please advise, geez.

Your standard options are as follows:

  • SGS (Darkstar) - Sun's endeavor to create a MMORPG gaming server

  • JGN (Java Game Networking) - - A lot quicker to pick up and in my opinion better all around for anything but the heaviest MMO games. However, I'll state I'm biased since I wrote and maintain it. :o

  • Java IO / NIO - Writing the networking for yourself can be a really good learning experience, but not necessarily recommended as there are some very good alternatives that hide a lot of the complexity from you.

There is also some code from Three Rings

and jenet based on enet