JME on Android: Current Status?

Had several questions here so i’ll break them up as follows.

  1. Does JME currently build for Android?

  2. What versions of JME work on what version of Android?

  3. Would JME compile/run/work with other mobile Java platforms such as Blackberry SDK?

  4. If JME works/compiles are there any sample projects out there I can use as a template?

Thanks so much for your time, this project is very promising indeed.

This looks kinda silly doesn’t it ^^


Sorry I searched the forums and found this article. I guess I was expecting a branch or something on the Google code site or a mention of platform compatibility on the wiki. Looks like there’s plenty of info on the forums and an android target on the ant build scripts.

How about compatibility on Blackberry? Just wondering if the J2ME APIs were any different than the GL libraries on Android. Sorry I’m just jumping into these platforms as I’m porting an existing code base over.

Its basically both OpenGL ES but android has a java api for accessing it.