Jme on intel macs

Has anyone tried this?  I might be getting an intel mac soon, so will act as a guinea pig if noone else has tried to build/run jme on one.

yes, I figured as much, just wondered if someone had already done the hard work…

…and it seems like they have - according to the lwjgl forum there's a game called titan attacks which uses lwjgl and what's more contains it in universal binary form so a simple copy will save me messing about with XCode.  I'll have a look around for universal binaries of any of the other libs and will post if I find them (or build them myself)

btw, in case anyone has been looking at the lwjgl forum, macs don't suck for java development - eclipse runs just as well on a mac as on anything else.

I'm running jME on an Intel Mac by doing exactly that, copying the libs from Titans. (or another universal lwjgl game, not sure which). Also, let's not start fibbing shall we… Eclipse under Mac OS X is noticably slower than under Windows XP, probably due to the SWT libraries. Eclipse 3.2 on my macbook pro runs slower than 3.1.2 on my old Acer laptop.

Still, most other Java apps have no performance difference. Especially now that Apple supports Java 1.5.0_06.

re Eclipse performance - I haven't done a direct comparison of comparable machines.  I have an old powerbook g4 here and a variety of windows desktops at work, and Eclipse runs acceptably on all of them.  Maybe it's slower on the mac, maybe it isn't, like I said, I haven't run any direct comparisons.  Either way, it works well enough to be a usable dev platform in either case - it certainly doesn't suck like some people have claimed.

anyway, enough of the mac zealotry, nice to hear the native libs can be lifted without too much hassle.  Now I just have to get myself a new intel mac…