JME on the Raspberr Pi

Hello everyone,
I just read this and thought: Well, they obviously forgot the “ES”.
But no, it’s full OpenGL! :chimpanzee_surprised:
Do you think that the little machine could run JME 3.1 now?
I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

If the lwjgl mapping is compiled/running there it should work.

Of course only for simple stuff, but why not.

Yeah it will work, but you will need to build LWJGL for ARM Linux.

Wasn’t there a built version for ARM Linux on the LWJGL site somewhere?
I’ll look that up when I have time.
Oh, and how would I integrate that into JME?
I’m kind of a noob there.

just drop the so file next to the jar and it might already work, if not look into the class NativeLibrary wich handles the jme internal extraction of the binarys, and patch it for arm.

There’s no version for ARM… Even the build scripts don’t support it, so you will need to modify them.

There is a version for ARM,
although not on the LWJGL site: Working full screen LWJGL - Raspberry Pi Forums
What would I need to do here to get JME running?
@Empire_Phoenix Do you mean a native file or what? Sorry, I don’t know much about this.

That’s a fork of LWJGL … It hasn’t been maintained for 3 years.

I would recommend to build LWJGL 3 for ARM, should be much easier.