JME Online Conference

I was thinking it will be great to set a JME conference (online) where people can show their games / WIP projects and JME dev can show us nice things about the engine.
Think about the monthly WIP just enhanced & live.
I’m ready to contribute my Zoom account for that :slight_smile:

Fill this registration form if you are interested in such event:



This is a great idea!

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I think this is an outstanding idea!

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I’m not against it or anything - you guys seem very positive about it - but although I probably wouldn’t join a zoom conference, I’d be very happy to join the voice channel on discord - in fact I find it so much easier to work with people in voice chat than just text.


I was wondering about using Discord - I think many might be leery of using Zoom. We’ve used Discord successfully for well over a year now at MyWorld for weekly/monthly in-voice “Meetup” discussions. I know there’s a limit to how many people can join a voice channel on a free server, but I don’t recall exact numbers (25 maybe?). That said, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a few sponsors willing to chip in if the number of attendees is expected to exceed the free limit.

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Discord can do video presentation as well now, as well as video conference up to 25 I think.

Just one thing, the email-field requires a number it says


That’s true… and you can also stream an application window, which is handy for demos (although one of our Linux users on our Discord has had severe system instability when watching a livestream). Not sure if that’s a widespread issue or not, but thought it worth mentioning in case others had had or heard of similar issues.

Fixed :slight_smile:

Discord / Zoom whatever It doesn’t really matter as long as it serves hosting our event reliably.
I suggested Zoom because I have a paid account which can host up to 100 participants and I think it is reliable enough for the cause of this event.

I’d prefer the platform we already have a communication channel on (Discord) but im open-minded.

Might I suggest that we get some interactive presentation tool going to capture ideas from the audience for the presented games ? I use mentimeter when I engage with clients, works great.

Discord on linux user here, was in a voice channel with someone sharing their screen with roughly 30 people, had no stability problems at all. Zoom for linux, however… let’s just say it works. Most of the time.


I’ll throw my two cents in I guess.
I use both Zoom and Discord. I really don’t care one way or another. But I do like zoom.
Perhaps if we have under 25 people use discord, and if over use zoom?

On the topic of the actual conference. I think that would be a very cool idea.

Did this idea ever get realized?

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Only 3 people expressed interest in this event so far.
I believe that if the engine leaders will organize such an event it may be a success.

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