JME pattern bottons

How can I unable the pattern bottons in SimpleGame? I'd like to replace the pattern actions for customized ones. I'd like to know that for the keyboard and the mouse.

e.g.: In SimpleGame, the botton 'w' moves the screen closer. I'd ike it to have an ability created for me instead of the pattern one. I also need to modify some mouse actions.

I've tried some input methods but I couldn't get any results.

Thanks in advance.

you could simply destroy the existing FirstPersonHandler:

    protected void simpleInitGame() {
       input = new InputHandler();

People stop making polls when you're trying to post something. :o

Sorry for the poll!

If I destroy the object input there'll be a problem, probably a null exception.

Should I create my own inputHandler version or there's an easier way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

simply replace the existing with a new InputHandler(), which you can add your inputs to.