Jme physic not loading on my mac?

today when i downloaded the jme physics zip file, i have sat there for half an hour while i waited for my mac to “decompress the zip file”

i have waited almost 30 minutes on the latest release and now i have waited another 30 waiting for the older one.

all i am getting is this

can someone please help me?

I don't know why your download won't work.  I downloaded without problems.

I've successfully downloaded, but still have problems with incorrect versions.  I think there was a change and the binaries need to be recompiled for the mac.  I've checked out the CVS source for odejava and I am going to attempt it.  Are there any changes out there that I am going to need irrisor?


Which browser are you using? You should try to download first, and then decompress to be sure there is nothing funny going on.

If I had a choice, I would download the file with Firefox (or even wget is possible), and then decompress it with StuffIT (or unzip in the terminal).

I remembered what I did

download this jnilib, it’s working

I have added that jnilib to cvs.

Where ever you got that compressed file from, it's most likely the wrong version either way. So please use the link deerslyr1 posted or fetch it from cvs.

my mac is just stuck with decompressing it is all,

and is there other methods or other things to use?