Jme-physic ode problem... [SOLVED]

help meeeeeee… i cannot compile and i did almost nothing…

i did the getting started for netbean jme and jme physic and the lesson work but

if i create my own projet and go like this

public class Main extends SimplePhysicsGame
    public static void main(String[] args)
        Main app = new Main(); // Create Object
        // Signal to show properties dialog
//        app.setDialogBehaviour(SimpleGame.ALWAYS_SHOW_PROPS_DIALOG);
        app.start(); // Start the program

    protected void simpleInitGame()

it'S getting my this...

12-Nov-2007 3:23:02 PM class p002.Main start()
SEVERE: Exception in game loop
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/odejava/Odejava
        at com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.OdePhysicsSpace.<init>(
        at com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.OdePhysicsSpace$OdeFactory.create(
        at com.jmex.physics.PhysicsSpace.create(
        at com.jmex.physics.util.SimplePhysicsGame.initSystem(
        at Source)
        at p002.Main.main(
12-Nov-2007 3:23:02 PM cleanup
INFO: Cleaning up resources.
12-Nov-2007 3:23:02 PM start
INFO: Application ending.
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)

i'm I missing something..?

You have to add the jme and jme-physics projects to your project requirements, also, you need to set the JVM argument to -Djava.library.path=<yout_path_to_jme>/lib as you did in the jme project.

like -Djava.library.path="F:ProjetJavajmejmelib";"F:ProjetJavajmejmephysicsimplodelib"

it's set and in proprieties libraries compile i got jme and jme-physic compile and in run jme libraries but


Well, just try adding the JAR files for ODE as well as jME to that other project… that should do it more straight forward.

oh…  didn't think of it… thank… i tried and it worked…

btw only ODE wasn't working… jME was…  :smiley: